The ESPRC Centre's research focus is built upon two broad themes: a platform research base and user-led projects. The platform research projects are chosen to be broader and more basic in scope than the user-led projects, and are expected to beneficially impact multiple user projects in the future. In a nutshell, the platform research base is the depositary for the core knowledge and expertise of the EPSRC Centre for the benefit of all users, and is unencumbered by confidentiality or IP agreements negotiated with specific industrial partners in the user-funded projects area.

Our starting research target areas are:

Silica and non-silica optical fibre materials and structures - communications, laser manufacturing, sensing, infrared fibres, defence countermeasures

Special fibres and components for ultrafast fibre lasers and their applications supercontinuum sources, microscopy, materials processing

Special fibres for emerging markets


The ORC maintains a comprehensive searchable database of all its publications and presented papers. Some are downloadable in PDF or MS-Word format.

Please visit the ORC publications pages to search for papers by the Investigators in the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufactuing in Photonics.